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The main raw materials of hollow glass

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Update time : 2022-11-01 10:00:00

With the development of economy, the varieties of hollow glass products have also been more developed, and the varieties of raw materials are also increasing. Such as curtain wall with insulating glass; Insulating glass for cars and trains; Insulating glass for electrical appliances; Decorative insulating glass (including inlaid insulating glass, color crystal vertical line insulating glass) and so on. All of these products, although using different raw materials due to different uses, have the same basic composition.

1. Glass, all flat glass and its deeply processed products, is the basic component of hollow glass.

2. Sealant seals the sides of the hollow glass to ensure that as little water vapor as possible enters the interior of the insulating glass and prolongs the failure time of the hollow work.

3. Spacer, control the spacing between the inside and outside two pieces of glass of hollow glass, and control the external water vapor to be completely isolated in this part, so that insulating glass has a reasonable space layer thickness and service life.

4. Desiccant, will be sealed in the hollow glass inside all the water vapor adsorption clean, and adsorption with the passage of time and into the inside of the hollow glass water vapor, to ensure the life of the hollow glass.

In all the raw materials of hollow glass, the performance of sealant and desiccant has a great impact on the service life of insulating glass products; When considering the problem of energy saving, the heat conduction performance of spacer and sealant will directly affect the edge heat insulation performance of insulating glass, thus affecting the overall heat insulation performance of doors and Windows. After decades of development of insulating glass production technology, its own is constantly improving, the heat insulation and sound insulation performance of products, from the early welding method, fusion method to cemented aluminum strip method, the heat insulation and sound insulation performance of products has been greatly improved.

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