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The method of judging the authenticity of hollow glass

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Update time : 2022-10-21 10:00:00

Hollow glass has the effect of sound insulation and heat preservation and is widely used in home decoration, but the quality of insulating glass on the market is uneven. It is also very important to distinguish the true and false of insulating glass.

There are many air holes on the aluminum partition, which can absorb the moisture in the gas and prevent the phenomenon of "foggy" after the heat of glass doors and windows, and the fake "hollow" glass does not have these devices.

The high quality profile looks smooth and fine surface, smooth and clean, uniform color, no cracks, bubbles, no fracture at the welding welding phenomenon. Hardness thickness is enough, with a hammer on the surface of the profile does not appear broken. You can also observe the glass from the side, the glass is flat, there is no color difference, through the glass to see the article, the article is not deformed, is a qualified product.

The quality of auxiliary materials of plastic steel hollow glass doors and windows is also very key. The auxiliary material is mainly sealing wool strip and sealing rubber strip. The hair on the high-quality sealing wool strip should be neat, tight and elastic, which can effectively waterproof and dustproof. There is a bottom plate between the two wool strips, which can prolong the service life of the wool strip. Sealing rubber strip is also very important, the surface of high quality rubber strip should be smooth, the edge is neat, full of elasticity, pull constantly by hand, the basic restoration of original state after letting go. Insulating glass doors and Windows are sealed with high quality rubber strips, which can ensure a good sealing state for a long time.

High-quality hollow glass doors and windows use high-quality profiles, and some even use secondary recycled profiles (films with well-known profiles on the appearance).

Identification of hardware accessories Seeing the quality of hardware accessories is also helpful to judge the quality of hollow glass doors and windows. For metal materials such as hinges, door locks, etc., the surface should be treated with anti-corrosion, such as galvanized, chrome-plated, sprayed, or made of stainless steel. Hinges, etc., should be designed to prevent deformation of doors and windows. The door lock should use a multi-point lock with good anti-theft effect as much as possible.

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