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The problems that should be paid attention to when adding spray protection to fire resistant glass

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Update time : 2023-04-19 10:17:05

Relevant experiments show that the selection of appropriate water spray system protection can effectively extend the single piece of fire resistant glass to lose heat insulation and critical irradiance time, effectively extend the time of fire insulation, to ensure the evacuation of personnel, to ensure the safety of personnel. At present, this kind of design is widely used in the performance design of large commercial pedestrian streets, which is protected by a single piece of non-insulated fire resistant glass and water spray system. This kind of engineering practice is the most critical spray protection of the water distribution effect, because the experiment shows that once the loss of spray protection, a single piece of fire resistant glass will soon lose the role of smoke and fire.

But there are many problems in the design and construction, the design is not reasonable or the construction can not be implemented according to the design scheme. For example, some shops on both sides of the commercial pedestrian street will be directly decorated on the fire resistant glass, affecting the sprinkler water distribution effect. Some will be installed in the decoration of the brand door head, affecting the nozzle heat collection. Some door heads are installed between the fire resistant glass and the sprinkler head, causing a block. Some construction units do not set the pipe of the spray protection system separately, and share the same pipe with other spray, resulting in spray water and duration can not meet the design requirements. Some construction units use the wrong type of sprinkler. In short, in the construction, it should be ensured that the sprinkler head can be effectively protected to the fire resistant glass partition in time, which should be paid attention to.

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