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Composite fire resistant glass polishing method

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Update time : 2023-04-17 09:34:51

Composite fire resistant glass in the production process will inevitably be due to a variety of small problems and defects, in order to avoid defects affecting the quality of glass, you can take the way of polishing to remove defects. Today, it is said that there are several common composite fire resistant glass polishing methods.

1. Use polishing powder

Before polishing the composite fire resistant glass polishing part of the belt grinding, if the flat surface can be selected with more than 400 mesh emery grinding disk grinding. Using polishing powder on the surface of the glass for high speed friction, to remove scratches, chafing phenomena. This method can provide light transmittance and refraction effect of composite fire resistant glass to a great extent.

2. Use fire polish

The fire polishing method is suitable for sodium-calcium glass and high borosilicate glass. Partially composite fire resistant glass is also suitable. Fire polishing the use of flame on the glass surface softening and fire impact effect on the glass, can solve the composite fire resistant glass surface of some fine lines, the disadvantage is that the treatment of glass surface flatness will decline. This method is especially suitable for hollow ware glass after cutting the mouth of the rough part, but if the improper operation will cause composite fire resistant glass burst.

3. Use an acid polish

This method takes advantage of the corrosive action of acid. It is also necessary to sand the composite fire resistant glass with a sand belt before using the acid, and then to polish the glass with a special acid.

Before choosing the polishing method, it is necessary to determine whether the glass is suitable to avoid the glass being damaged by choosing the wrong polishing method. It's not worth the loss.

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