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Types of glass for furniture

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Update time : 2023-03-23 18:00:00

We all know that the glass in the past is mainly made of ordinary glass containing silica, not only the color is very single, but also relatively easy to break, but now the glass for furniture is completely different, now the glass furniture is not only very rich in color and permeability is also very strong. Now there are many kinds of glass for furniture on the market, so what are the kinds of glass furniture?

1. Carved glass for furniture

The manufacture of carved glass for furniture is quite modern. It is designed with computer patterns and then carved with high precision. The pattern on the surface is very beautiful and can not only show the transparent texture of glass but also have a gorgeous atmosphere, with strong decorative performance and practicality.

2. Sandblasted glass for furniture

This kind of furniture is made of art sandblasted glass. Its material is translucent with a hazy texture. Placed in the home, it can enhance the sense of hierarchy of the space and present a warm and romantic atmosphere as a whole. Sandblasted glass for furniture is a good choice for bedrooms or balconies.

3. Tempered glass for furniture

After heat treatment toughened glass can be made into furniture, its transparency is 4-5 times higher than ordinary furniture, as clear as crystal. Its environmental protection performance and safety performance are very high and can withstand high temperature, with impact resistance and thermal stability, elasticity is not bad. It can bear the same weight as wooden furniture, is hard to scratch and hard to break, decorative effect and safety effect are very guaranteed.

4. Stained glass for furniture
This kind of furniture has a transparent color with rich patterns and patterns, as Mosaic on the bright modern sense of a strong. But it as a furniture partition function is not strong, also can not bear the heavier items well, it is generally used as decoration.

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