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The use of privacy glass

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Update time : 2023-03-24 14:00:00

What privacy glass does not affect lighting:

1. Changiriglass: It belongs to the class of art glass, transparent to light, it has a good privacy, does not affect the permeability of the space and the appearance is extraordinary, so that the space is very advanced.

2. Stained glass: With a variety of colors and patterns, with charming romantic color. You can choose according to your own decoration style.

3. Frosted glass: gives a hazy feeling, protects privacy without affecting lighting.

4.TPT intelligent dimming glass: transparent and opaque two ways can be intelligent transformation, good privacy protection at the same time, but do not worry about affecting the lighting, light transmittance up to 90%.

5 In addition, there are crabapple flower glass, both sides of the glass, water corrugated glass, stone pattern, ultra white crystal glass, diamond glass, gold bitsa glass and so on, can bring different visual experience for home design.

Where privacy glass can be used:

1. Porch: The design of privacy glass is added at the entrance to block the sight of others to pry, so as not to have a complete view of the interior space, full of security, so that the permeability of the space is better.

2. Living room: If the open living room is added with partition, the space will appear very compact and cramped. At this time, the privacy glass is used as a partition, which not only divides the functional area, but also improves the sense of spatial hierarchy.

3 kitchen: the need for enough light and permeability, the installation of privacy glass doors, not only can ensure lighting, but also can play the effect of isolation of lampblack, even if the kitchen is dirty and messy do not worry.
4. Toilet: privacy glass can not only dry and wet partition, but also create privacy, does not affect the light, forming a separate and continuous hazy beauty.

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