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Advantages of heat bending glass

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Update time : 2022-11-25 10:00:00

Heat bending glass is the use of high quality float glass for high temperature processing softening, it is formed in a special mold, and then low temperature annealing to get a beautiful style, with a certain stress of glass. Hot bending glass can meet the requirements of various arcs in modern architectural design. It has the following advantages:

First, the variability of glass:

The properties of glass change with the change of glass composition, so we can get various performance parameters of glass through scientific calculation according to the different composition of glass, so as to correct application.

Two, the metastability of heat bending glass:

From the physical point of view, the hot curved glass is obtained from the molten body and the solidification, the internal particles of the glass are not arranged into crystals, will not release crystalline heat energy, as a solid, it is not in a stable state of low internal energy, but in a metastable state.

Three, the same sex of glass:

When there is no internal stress in the glass, the internal particles are arranged in an irregular state, and their physical and chemical properties are the same in any direction. When there is internal stress in the glass, the glass will show anisotropy, such as toughened glass shows obvious optical path difference.

Four, the fixed melting point of glass:

Different from crystalline substances, glass has no definite melting point, and its transformation from solid to liquid requires a certain temperature range. Glass changes from elastic to viscous to liquid within a certain temperature range.

The processing method of heat bending glass determines its characteristics and advantages. Hot bent glass can be applied to:

1. Building exterior wall: Most of the characteristic theaters and landmark buildings in the world will use a variety of shapes. The exterior wall uses hot curved glass to create a shining image.

2. All kinds of glass furniture: coffee table, TV cabinet, dinner seats, etc.

3. All kinds of household appliance glass.

4. Architectural interior design: curved stairs, right Angle stairs, etc.

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