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Key points related to heat insulation and fire resistant glass curtain wall

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Update time : 2022-11-25 14:00:00

Fire resistant glass curtain wall is generally composed of fireproof glass, steel frame, flame retardant seal and other components. Generally, the support form of glass curtain wall with full light frame is used, and the steel column is suspended and pulled. Fireproof glass curtain wall must meet the requirements of fire integrity and heat insulation at the same time.

Heat insulation of fire resistant glass curtain wall:

Among them, the heat insulation of fire resistant glass is a different concept from the heat insulation in the energy saving standard. The heat insulation of fireproof glass, also known as the heat protection performance, refers to the effective control of the heat transfer from the fire surface space to the back fire surface space in the state of fire. The energy-saving thermal insulation performance of curtain wall refers to the effective control of heat conduction speed when the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is generated, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving, also known as the heat conduction coefficient k value.

Thermal insulation fire resistant glass curtain wall adopts composite fireproof glass:
Composite fire resistant glass is made of float glass (or semi-tempered glass, tempered glass), and fireproof glue sandwich is placed in the middle, and then processed by special technology. When a fire occurs, the glass on the fire surface will burst after a certain time at high temperature, and the fireproof glue sandwich in the middle will slowly foam expansion, which can generally foam expansion to ten times the original. Although the glass on the fire surface is cracked, the fireproof glue will expand in the direction of the cracked panel without constraints, forming an opaque fireproof glue board, absorbing the heat released by the flame and playing the role of blocking the heat transfer. Composite fire resistant glass is fixed in the notch of steel structure frame supporting structure, steel structure in the case of high temperature, the notch stiffness will become weak, can adapt to the micro expansion needs of composite fireproof glass. After the fire to a certain time, the fireproof glue heated foam expansion off, and then lead to the next piece of glass broken, the next piece of fireproof glue heated foam expansion, effective barrier heat conduction thus forming fire integrity and heat insulation requirements.

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