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The difference between fire resistant glass wall and ordinary glass wall

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Update time : 2022-11-24 14:00:00

Fire resistant glass wall is a kind of glass wall, looks like a floor-to-ceiling glass window, but it has all the advantages of glass wall and fire resistance, heat insulation, smoke insulation and other properties, is a kind of safety glass wall. Various forms of glass walls are also applicable to fireproof glass walls, so we first understand the classification of glass walls:

1. According to the glass structure: laminated glass partition, single glass partition, double glass partition, vacuum glass partition.

2. According to the partition material division: pure toughened glass frameless partition, steel and aluminum structure glass partition, aluminum alloy glass partition, plastic steel glass partition, stainless steel glass partition, wooden keel glass partition.

3. According to the track form of division: fixed glass partition, mobile glass partition, folding glass partition.

4. According to the size of the partition: glass high partition, glass high partition, screen partition.

5. According to the characteristics of glass, it is divided into safety glass partition, super white glass partition, explosion-proof glass partition, art glass partition and so on.

The above is only part of the application of fire resistant glass wall, fireproof glass wall has the following advantages:

1. Space division: fire resistant glass wall will be a reasonable division of the space, to achieve greater utilization.

2. Good lighting: fire resistant glass usually uses white glass or super white glass, good light transmittance, good permeability, but also can save energy.

3. Impact resistance: the float glass adopted by the fire resistant glass wall is all tempered, and the hardness and strength are 2-3 times stronger than the tempered glass.

4. Good safety: After the glass is broken, it will not fall into pieces and hurt people.
5. Fire resistance: with ordinary glass wall can not reach the fire integrity requirements, can reach 1 hour, 1.5 hours of fire resistance and heat insulation type requirements, customers can choose according to needs.

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