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Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of laminated hollow glass

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Update time : 2022-10-24 16:00:00
In the structure of laminated hollow glass, the outer sheet is laminated glass (the substrate of laminated glass can be toughened glass or semi-toughened glass); The outer piece of laminated insulating glass is sandwich and the inner piece is a single piece of toughened glass.
Advantages of laminated hollow glass:
1. When broken, the fragments will temporarily stick to the PVB sandwich, which will reduce the risk of glass falling from the building and avoid the risk of empty walls caused by glass falling off.
2. The selection of glass can be increased, and a variety of aesthetic effects and functions can be achieved, such as PVB laminated glass with colors, laminated glass made of different colors of body colored glass.
3. Compared with monolithic toughened glass, laminated glass has higher sound insulation performance. The hollow glass using single laminated glass is 3dB less than the hollow glass using monolithic glass.
4. When using laminated hollow glass, the glass surface will look flat, so it is not necessary to use toughened glass (for example, semi-toughened glass can be used). Therefore, the corrugations on the glass surface will not be as obvious.
Laminated hollow glass disadvantages:
1. High cost.
2. The strength of laminated glass depends on the temperature, aspect ratio, size, thickness and load time. The strength and stiffness will be reduced more than that of single toughened glass with the same thickness. In contrast, the dead weight of laminated hollow glass unit will increase by about 25%.
3. Laminated hollow glass has the risk of degumming. Laminating is a relatively complex process and requires rigorous quality control procedures. When the edge of the glass unit is exposed to silicone glue for a long time, the edge of the sandwich still has the risk of degumming. This form of degumping is not within the quality assurance scope of the glass manufacturer when the silicone glue and laminated glass begin to appear as small bubbles on the edge and then spread to limited degumping. However, this variation of degumming is just a matter of appearance, and will not affect the strength of laminated glass.
4. Compared with the two-layer hollow toughened glass, the stress spots of laminated hollow glass may be more obvious.
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