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Analyze other reasons for water seepage of dimming glass curtain wall

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Update time : 2022-11-18 14:00:00

In addition to the detection and calculation problems of dimming glass at the factory will cause water seepage of curtain wall, there are two other reasons will also cause water seepage of dimming glass curtain wall.

1. Dimming glass wall construction problems

(1) The use of glass sealant does not pay attention to weather conditions. The injection of sealant needs to be in good humidity and temperature conditions. If the sealant is forced to be constructed in rainy days, the quality can not be guaranteed in the later period.

(2) If the sealing rubber strip is of inferior quality or does not match the size, it is easy to fall off and age in late use, resulting in water leakage.

(3) During the installation of dimming glass frame, the operation is not standard, and the diagonal and straightness are not accurately calculated and constructed, which directly affects the waterproof performance of curtain wall. The joints are the key to leakage. If the joints of each part are not well sealed, the use of water leakage is inevitable.

(4) Whether elastic positioning pad is used. The elastic positioning pad is the buffer force between the frame and the glass. If there is no pad, the frame will produce pressure on the dimming glass, squeeze the glass, and crack.

2. Dimming glass curtain wall use problems

(1) The user does not read the instruction manual carefully, and improper use will cause damage to the glass curtain wall, leading to water leakage.

(2) Exterior wall cleaning does not pay attention to protection. Such as: cleaning company cleaning, do not pay attention to protect the sealant around the glass, scratch off, seal damage. No cleanser suitable for dimming glass is used, and no drying treatment is carried out after cleaning, which will cause glass damage and lead to water leakage.
(3) The user made unauthorized changes to the dimming glass curtain wall, and then did not carefully waterproof treatment, resulting in water leakage in the late use.

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