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Characteristics of photochromic dimming glass

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Update time : 2022-11-18 10:00:00

In the hot summer, if the toughened glass can block the solar radiation, but the degree of lighting is maintained, the combination of lighting and shielding the solar radiation, the combination of transparency and opacity, this will create a photochromic dimming glass. Photochromic glass is a kind of "black technology" glass which integrates electron, polymer chemistry and other disciplines.

Characteristics of photochromic dimming glass:

1. Easy to control the conversion. Control the transparency of the glass for a thousandth of a second with a small remote or other control device. Turn on the power supply, the glass becomes transparent; Turn off the power, glass into frosted glass, still maintain good transparency, brightness, softness, create privacy space.

2. Transform into a projection screen. Through the polymer liquid crystal dimming film material ratio, can create a strong picture texture of the projection screen.

3. Anti-snooping function. Such as the use of phototropic dimming glass in banks, supermarkets and so on. When the counter is in business condition, the glass can be adjusted to be transparent; If in a state of suspension, the glass can be adjusted to opacity. In the opaque state can also set up a projection system, play propaganda or advertising.

4. Shielding electromagnetic fields. Photochromic dimming glass can produce natural shielding function of electromagnetic signal after electricity, up to 99.9%, compared with the use of shielding materials, more protective effect on human body and high precision together.

5. Prevent radiation performance. By plating copper, silver and indium tin oxide on the surface of the glass, the radiation protection index can reach 80DB. Such a good performance, used in high radiation places such as the release desk for personal safety protection and prolong the service life of the instrument has a role.
6. Sound insulation performance. The photochromic dimming glass adopts the process of double toughened glass with dimming film. The multi-layer production method can reduce the probability of all kinds of noise through the glass. The thickness of the glass itself also has a certain effect on the indoor temperature.

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