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Can bulletproof glass be broken with a hammer?

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Update time : 2022-11-29 11:00:00

Bulletproof glass is a kind of composite material. It is made of high quality glass and engineering plastic through special process. It can prevent weapons from shooting without breaking and the glass does not splash.

Bullet-proof glass is a professional bullet-proof glass, if you use a sledgehammer to hit the bullet-proof glass, as long as it has reached a certain hammer strength and strength, you can completely break the glass. Bulletproof glass is generally thought to protect against the firing of weapons, of course, it can be smashed, will not break. This understanding is one-sided. Bulletproof glass is specially produced to prevent the shooting of the weapon warhead, and the working principle is different from that of the smashing glass.

If the function of the glass required by the architectural design is anti-smash, it is necessary to install professional anti-smash glass. Anti-smash glass is a new type of safety glass that is thinner than bulletproof glass and lighter than tempered glass, but it can withstand repeated and sustained blows of all kinds of sharp instruments and will not be penetrated.

The characteristics of smash proof composite glass:

1. High safety: anti-smashing glass not only has the ability to resist smashing, but also has good impact resistance, by high strength impact and impact will not break, but form a network of small particles, protect the human body from injury.

2. Anti-ultraviolet radiation: glass can block a lot of ultraviolet radiation, protect indoor items from radiation, reduce the probability of fading and aging.

3. Sound insulation performance is good: glass through special processing, can block part of the transmission of sound waves.

4. good transmittance: anti smash glass is made of transparent glass, transmittance is proportional to the thickness, transmittance between 75%~65%.

The characteristics of anti-smash glass make it widely used in villa, doors and Windows cabinets, sun room, curtain wall glass, industrial products and other industries. In addition, if you need a combination of bulletproof anti-smash glass, can be professionally customized, both bulletproof glass role, and anti-smash glass function.

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