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Characteristics and application of super white fire resistant glass

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Update time : 2022-11-28 16:00:00

Super white fire resistant glass is a kind of super white glass which is processed by a series of special processes such as physical and chemical methods. The ultra-white glass used is a kind of low iron glass with high transparency, its transparency is up to 91.5% or more, and the glass itself has the characteristics of crystal clear, white and elegant.

The machinability of ultra-white glass is almost the same as that of high quality float glass, and it can be processed in a variety of deep processes. At the same time, it also has superior physical, mechanical and optical properties. Ultra-white glass is processed deeply by special process to obtain ultra-white fire resistant glass, which makes it have superior characteristics that other fireproof glass does not have:

The iron content of ultra-white glass is only one tenth or even lower than that of ordinary glass, so that it absorbs less green band in visible light, and looks without noise and has better color consistency than ordinary glass. As the raw materials of ultra-white glass generally contain less NS and other impurities, the fine control in the process of raw material melting makes ultra-white glass have more uniform composition than ordinary glass, and its internal impurities are less, which greatly reduces the possibility of self-detonation after toughening.

Application scenario of ultra-white fire resistant glass:

1. Professional places

Super white fire resistant glass crystal luster, excellent penetration, smooth and elegant characteristics by the high-end market. For example: professional buildings of horticultural buildings (with fire protection requirements), professional buildings of space decoration, high-end shopping malls and shopping center decoration.

2. Landmark buildings
For example, the National Grand theater, important institutions, large music theaters, museums, libraries, etc., the super white fire resistant glass's smooth and transparent characteristics not only add luster to the overall building, but also play a role in fire prevention function.

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