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Heat bending glass mold traces and self - explosion solution

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Update time : 2022-11-23 14:00:00

Heat bending glass is a kind of glass which is widely used. In order to present excellent results, the quality and safety requirements of the glass itself are higher. If the finished hot-bent glass has mold marks after processing, it will seriously reduce the beauty of the glass, and the quality will be greatly reduced. Therefore, in the process of processing, we should pay attention to the use of methods to reduce the appearance of mold traces:

1. Edge grinding: the mold is the basis of heat bending glass, the mold must be accurate, the edge must be removed, polished smooth.

2. Temperature control molding: heat bending glass processing is to soften the float glass into the mold, temperature control molding. If in the molding process, the use of too much external force to help molding, will backfire, so that the glass left obvious traces. Therefore, according to the specification of the process, control the temperature, so that the glass natural molding, avoid the use of external forces.

3. The use of mold cloth: The method of wrapping stainless steel mold cloth can be used to reduce the possibility of leaving traces on the edge of heat bending glass, especially the edge of the mold that supports the gravity of the glass.

4. Hot bending with large arc: for this kind of heat bending glass, an open mold is usually used, which can reduce the probability of friction between the glass and the edge of the mold in the forming process.
In addition to reducing the probability of heat bending glass marks, reducing the phenomenon of self-detonation is also needed. The phenomenon of self - explosion occurs because the glass is processed and annealed too quickly in the furnace. Glass in the hot bending molding, scientific use of annealing curve to prevent hot bending in the cooling process due to the temperature gradient of large, the generation of new stress, strict control of the furnace temperature cooling speed, pay special attention to the high order temperature range to slow cooling. When the furnace temperature is reduced to 100°C, the glass can be out of the oven. After the oven, do not use a fan to blow directly on the glass. All of the above methods can reduce the probability of the self-detonation of the hot-bent glass to a certain extent.

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