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Characteristic application of heat bending glass

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Update time : 2022-11-29 10:00:00

Heat bending glass is made of flat glass that is softened by heating and then put into a mold to form, and then cooled. The production of hot-bent glass is generally made by electric furnace and mainly depends on the mold. As long as the shape and style of the mold are designed and the safety standards are met, the same glass as the mold can be processed and made.

A large number of curved shape splicing will not have a connection port in the middle, integrated, beautiful lines. As long as the design parameters reasonable specifications size to meet the requirements of the mold, the production of heat bending glass to meet the technical standards, all kinds of irregular surface can be produced and processed. The transmittance of hot bending glass is no different from that of flat glass. The transmittance of hot bending glass can reach more than 80%, and the lighting is good.

At present, the characteristic applications of heat bending glass are as follows:

1. Space tourism module

The space tour capsule is a boon for lovers of outdoor travel and living. The cabin is placed outdoors all year round, and the designer has designed large pieces of glass on the cabin body to facilitate travelers to observe the beautiful outdoor scenery. The effect of the glass is: heat bending glass + single-line perspective glass. The combination of the two has no defects. The smooth lines of the hot-curved glass correspond to the overall effect of the travel cabin.

2. Feature lights

This is a retro lamp, beautiful style, distinctive features, eye-catching. The lamp is also a combination of thermal bending and single through glass. During the day, the lamp can make a bright mirror, equivalent to a mirror at home, can clearly reflect people and scenery; At night, the lamp is lit and you can see the scenery inside.

3. Museum chapel dome

Architecture is an art, and the use of heat bending glass in architecture is a sublimation of this art. The hot-curved glass dome not only satisfies the lighting conditions of the building, saves energy, but also creates a more grand and broader artistic design effect.

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