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Fire resistant glass curtain wall related introduction

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Update time : 2022-11-29 14:00:00

In large buildings, designers want to create a sweeping, broad and bright sense of space, usually use glass as a space partition, but to meet the requirements of building fire protection, the use of different glass materials, different structural ways. Fire resistant glass curtain wall came into being.

Fire resistant glass curtain wall is called the system, because it needs to meet the requirements of the fire level, the various parts need to reach the fire level: fireproof glass, the key part; Steel frame, flame retardant sealant strip, flame retardant sealant, steel connectors and hardware, etc. It should be noted in particular that the anchoring parts connecting steel frames should not use chemical bolts with modified epoxy resin as anchoring agents, but should use mechanical anchoring anchors to connect, so as to be safer and more reliable.

Fire resistant glass curtain wall system, in addition to the important fireproof glass, the fire resistance and safety of steel structure is also particularly important. The frame structure can be made of steel or aluminum alloy. The steel structure frame is widely used. Zinc or fluorocarbon top paint is sprayed on the surface of the steel structure as surface protection. At the same time, the fire resistance of the steel structure itself will not be affected.

During the installation of fire resistant glass curtain wall, the steel column should be set as the hanging tension type. If the sitting-stand pressure type is used, the curtain wall may collapse or be partially damaged due to compression instability in the event of fire.
The types of fire resistant glass curtain walls are divided according to the types of fireproof glass used. Normally, the smaller the area of fireproof glass, the easier it is to meet the prescribed fire resistance limit; However, the larger the area of the fireproof glass, the more difficult it is to achieve the requirements of the fireproof level.

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