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Characteristics and application of laminated fire resistant glass

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Update time : 2022-11-28 14:00:00

Laminated fire resistant glass, also known as laminated fireproof glass, is a kind of safety glass obtained after high temperature and high pressure cooling by adding a layer or multiple layers of PVA in the middle of two or more layers of single fireproof glass. Laminated fireproof glass is equivalent to the combination of multiple monolithic fireproof glass, so its fire resistance and safety performance is better.

The characteristics of laminated fire resistant glass:

1. Good safety: Even if the glass is broken, the fragments will be firmly glued to the laminated film, and the surface of the glass will remain smooth and smooth, which can effectively prevent the fragments from being stabbed or the glass from falling and smashing.

2. Better fire resistance: if laminated fire resistant glass and monolithic fireproof glass are made into fireproof glass doors, the difference in appearance is not much, but the fire performance of the two is of course better laminated fireproof glass.

3. A certain anti-seismic ability: glass in the middle of the middle film in the outside impact or strong vibration, will be able to integrate all the strength of the glass together, not easily broken.

Application of laminated fire resistant glass:

Laminated glass is used in most building glazing, not only to prevent injury, but also because laminated glass is extremely resistant to invasion. The intermediate membrane can resist the continuous attack of hammer, wood cleaver and other weapons, but also can resist the penetration of the warhead for a long time, so the degree of security is relatively high.

Laminated fire resistant glass sets safety and light transmission in one, can be processed into a variety of high safety products: fireproof glass door, fireproof window, fireproof glass partition, fireproof glass partition, atrium fireproof barrier, fireproof glass curtain wall and other requirements with fire requirements of the door, window, ceiling, floor and partition. The cost of laminated fireproof glass is higher than that of ordinary fireproof glass, so it is suitable for places with higher safety.

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