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Intelligent dimming glass customization should pay attention to the problem

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Update time : 2022-11-28 10:00:00

Intelligent dimming glass is a kind of glass suitable for commercial, industrial, household and other industries. For business: it can be used for office partition, at the same time in the state of power, but also as a projection screen, is a kind of multi-purpose glass; Industrial aspects: can be used for plant decoration; Household: Dimming glass can be used as long as the need for partition in the house.

Intelligent dimming glass is so widely used that several key points should be paid attention to when purchasing:

1. Dimming glass size

The size includes two parts: glass and dimming film, of which the dimming film in glass plays a decisive role. If the glass is too big and too long, it is not convenient to transport, so according to the actual technical level and needs.

2. dimming glass thickness

In view of the production of dimming glass requires the original glass to be tempered, laminated and other processes, and out of consideration of production cost, dimming glass is generally used more than 5mm glass.

3. Dimming glass transmittance and color

The transmittance is proportional to the thickness, the thicker the glass, the lower the transmittance. The color of glass also affects the transmittance to a certain extent, but the transmittance effect is certainly not as good as that of white glass. Dimming glass has different transmittance when observed from different angles. Dimming glass is divided into two kinds of white and super white, and colored glass can choose tea, yellow, green, pink, purple and other colors.

4. Dimming glass shape

Due to the technological limitations of dimming glass, it can only be made into regular shapes, such as square, fan, circle, etc., or hot curved glass with a certain arc can be used.

5. Dimming glass function requirements

The requirements for sound insulation are relatively high, can be made into hollow dimming glass; For radiation protection, heat preservation requirements are higher, can be made into low-e type glass; There are fire prevention requirements, you can use fire proof glass and so on.

6. Special requirements for dimming glass

Glass drilling needs to be completed before tempering, there is a certain degree of difficulty and some skills are needed, so dimming glass such products generally only manufacturers can do, but once made into finished products, you can't punch holes.

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