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Characteristics of tempered fire resistant glass

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Update time : 2022-11-28 11:00:00

Toughened fire resistant glass is the selection of high quality float glass, and then the float glass sheet heated to a certain temperature, and then in accordance with the set process requirements of rapid cooling, and then through the combination of physical and chemical methods with high strength, fire resistance, integrity of the fireproof glass.

Tempered fire resistant glass has the characteristics common to tempered glass and fireproof glass:

1. Good strength: tempered fire glass with bending and impact strength, is 3-6 times stronger than ordinary glass, at the same time is 1.5-3 times stronger than tempered glass.

2. Good thermal stability: general toughened glass can withstand the sudden temperature difference of 200-300℃, ordinary glass can only withstand 70-100℃, and toughened fire resistant glass, such as a single piece of fireproof glass, in the high temperature of 1000℃, can maintain 90 minutes without cracking.

3. Good safety: its carrying capacity increases to improve the fragile quality, once the glass is broken, will not form sharp fragments, but is round or obtuse Angle, reduce the glass to personal injury. Toughened fire resistant glass can be widely used in some places where glass breakage is easy to cause danger, because of its own characteristics, so that the danger is not in.

4. Sound insulation smoke: fire resistant glass is usually made into fireproof glass doors with steel frame or aluminum alloy frame and other materials, fireproof glass curtain wall, fireproof glass partition, fireproof Windows and other products, with excellent airtight performance, enough fire, fire resistance, sound insulation, smoke insulation.
Toughened fire resistant glass is mainly used in high-rise building doors and Windows, glass curtain walls, indoor partition glass, lighting ceiling, sightseeing elevator passage, furniture, glass guardrail and so on.

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