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Characteristics and precautions of fire resistant glass doors

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Update time : 2022-11-30 14:00:00

Fire resistant glass door is a kind of fireproof door. However, fire glass doors are different from general fire doors, and their appearance is plastic and can produce a more beautiful shape. Therefore, fireproof glass doors can not only be used in fire access, public places, but also can be used in interior decoration, beautiful and safe.

First, the function and characteristics of fire glass doors

1. High fire resistance: High fire resistance is the outstanding advantage of fireproof glass doors. Fire resistant glass door glass belongs to fireproof glass, this glass is the selection of high quality float glass through physical and chemical reaction can be burned in the flame, a certain time to achieve the effect of non-blasting, non-melting.

2. High weather resistance: fire glass door can withstand the sun and rain, carry the baptism of the years, it can go through a long time of ultraviolet irradiation, its appearance and performance will not be affected, can maintain a transparent bright visual effect.

3. Safety: The safety of glass is a concern. It can be said that fireproof glass doors are safer glass doors, and the hardness of fireproof glass is 6-12 times that of float glass; It is 2-3 times that of tempered glass. Fire resistant glass is obtuse after breaking, and the fragments are smaller than the tempered glass fragments, which can reduce the damage to the human body.

Two, the main points of attention when the fire glass door is used

Gradually fire resistant glass doors are used in the home improvement industry, but everyone's understanding of fireproof glass doors is not deep enough to realize the importance of it, must not carry the installation does not matter and installation on the mentality of everything is OK.
Install fire resistant glass doors to choose a professional manufacturer, need to see the manufacturer's inspection certificate. At the same time, fireproof glass doors can not be regarded as a single fireproof information, but should be treated as a fireproof system. Choose what type of fire glass door to consult the relevant professional manufacturers, and then decide.

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