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Composite fire resistant glass working mode

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Update time : 2022-12-01 10:00:00

In large public places, due to the large number of personnel, property value is great, so the fire resistant glass standard requirements are higher. In such places, it is necessary to use heat insulation and fire-resistant composite glass for a long time, to fight for escape and rescue time.

Composite fire resistant glass refers to two or more than two pieces of ordinary flat glass bonded with transparent fireproof adhesive glass or spray composite fireproof glass liquid.

Working mode of composite fire resistant glass:

When there is a fire, the special transparent chemicals solidified in the middle of the heat insulation composite fire resistant glass, due to a large number of absorb the heat in the flame and foam expansion, at the same time become opaque white, can effectively prevent the heat generated by combustion from facing the back of the fire surface conduction, while preventing the glass fire surface flame heat radiation transfer to the back of the fire surface. In this process, the glass remains intact, creating an effective barrier against the spread and spread of flame, smoke and hot gases produced by combustion.

The thermal insulation and radiation protection characteristics of composite fire resistant glass can protect the escape or rescue personnel in the area behind the glass, so as not to suffer from high temperature heat and thermal radiation burns. At the same time, combustible materials and articles in the area, such as wood products and carpets, are prevented from being ignited by high temperature and thermal radiation within a certain period of time.

Usually, the manufacturing method of composite fire resistant glass binder is characterized by: The liquid sodium silicate salt is generated by heating solid sodium silicate with water to 100° C. After cooling, the liquid is filtered by the filter press and discolored into transparent liquid, so that the sodium oxide, silicon dioxide and water reach the specified proportion. Then the prescribed proportion of sodium dihydrogen phosphate, sodium tetraborate and sodium silicate rich are added for chemical reaction, and the composite fireproof glass binder is processed later. Composite fireproof glass binder is widely used in civil and industrial buildings.

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