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Classification and difference of dimming glass

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Update time : 2022-11-30 10:00:00

Dimming glass to understand so much, we all know that it is made of two layers of tempered glass sandwic on the liquid crystal dimming film rolled. Intelligent dimming glass not only has the hardness, strength and safety of tempered glass, but also can control: turn off the power supply, the glass is not transparent; Turn on the power, the glass is transparent.

Among them, the dimming glass has a different level of transparency, dimming glass is therefore divided into: white and super white two. What's the difference?

1. Color difference.

Ordinary white glass to the naked eye looks white with green, but ultra white glass looks very transparent, there is no noise. The dimmer glass samples in small pieces will show the color more clearly, and the color difference between the two types of glass will not be as obvious once they are finished.

2. Differences in transparency.

The transparency of ordinary dimming glass is generally about 70%, and the transparency of super white dimming glass is generally 80% and above. This is not to say that the higher the transparency of the dimming glass, the better. From the same point of view, the fog of super white smart dimming glass is a little higher than that of ordinary smart dimming glass.

All in all, except for color and transparency, the two kinds of glass are basically the same.

Everyone in the decoration of the pursuit of good quality, high transparency of the ultra white glass. However, we should also choose the right glass according to the requirements of decoration conditions to create the desired decoration effect. Although the transparency of the general white glass is not as good as that of super white, it is cost-effective and can still reflect the value and role of dimming glass. In addition, dimming glass and grey (crystal grey) European grey, blue light color, users can choose according to needs. If you really can't make up your mind to choose, you can look at more samples to determine.

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