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Characteristics of electrically heated glass

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Update time : 2023-04-10 09:23:09

Electrically heated glass is a kind of material. Laminated glass products that can heat up after electricity are embedded with extremely fine metal heating wires such as tungsten wire or copper wire on one side of the laminated glass intermediate film, or coated with transparent conductive film on the inner surface of the glass to heat the glass after electricity.

High quality electrically heated glass can be made by plating electric film on the glass surface and winding tungsten wire in the middle layer, but most of the products are electric heating glass with tungsten wire sandwiched in the middle layer. This kind of glass electrified, tungsten wire generate heat, the glass surface of rain, snow, frost, fog melting and evaporation, to ensure that the driver driving vision, expand the car driving climate conditions.

Electrically heated glass performance is superior, mainly has the following characteristics:

1. Excellent defrosting function: electrically heated glass after electricity. Surface temperature rise (usually 35~ 40℃), it can make the glass surface will not produce frost condensation phenomenon, and the voltage is safe, no harm to human body.

2. Excellent optical performance: electrically heated glass using conductive wire or conductive film as heating medium, to ensure that the glass has excellent light transmission performance, anti-distortion performance, can achieve through the glass observation can see the real thing.

3. Good safety: the laminated glass of electrically heated glass is made of tempered glass, which has higher hardness and is not easy to break. Even if it is hit by gravity, the glass fragments will have organic mucous membrane and stick, and will not splash around and hurt people.
4. Anti UV radiation function: electrically heated glass is used for advanced cars. Glass has high UV absorption capacity, which can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays from entering the room and reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to drivers and indoor facilities.

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