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The use of composite fire resistant glass and features

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Update time : 2023-04-12 09:39:03

Fire resistant glass has been widely used, but there are several points that need to be noted in the process of use:

1. Before choosing composite fire resistant glass, it is necessary to clear the specific requirements of fire prevention components composed of fireproof glass, such as fire prevention, heat insulation or smoke insulation, fire resistance time requirements, etc.

2. When choosing composite fire resistant glass to form fireproof components, in addition to considering the fire-proof durability function of glass, its supporting structure and various elements also meet the needs of fire resistance.

3. Single piece and composite perfusion type fire resistant glass can not be cut like the general plate glass with glass knife, fixed size processing, composite (dry) fireproof glass can reach the requirements of open.

In the choice of fire glass, we must pay attention to the manufacturer's qualification, and the corresponding detection report, some illegal manufacturers can not provide, safety performance can not be guaranteed, we must investigate the selected manufacturers in advance to produce product quality, and then decide whether to buy. At the same time, we should also pay attention to whether the production has the following characteristics:

1. Good fire performance: multi-layer protection, fire resistant glass has strong fire resistance, fireproof gel is a kind of non-combustible material, so it can block the spread of the fire.

2. Good heat insulation performance: it can well reduce heat transfer and heat radiation, heat insulation and energy saving characteristics.

3. sound insulation performance is good: fire resistant glass is usually thicker than ordinary glass, glass in the installation is a good sealing fire protection system. It can also reduce the noise of planes, cars and so on.
4. Good safety performance: fire resistant glass after special processing technology synthesis, his strength has been tempered glass 2-3 times.

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