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Characteristics of heat-insulating composite hollow fire resistant glass

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Update time : 2022-11-24 16:00:00

The structure of insulating composite hollow fire resistant glass is: the outer layer is two layers and above the fireproof glass, the middle is transparent fireproof adhesive, (transparent adhesive is made of crosslinking agent and oxidation-reducing two-component initiator) a combination of a special glass with fire resistance in a certain time. Thermal insulation composite insulating glass production method: grouting method.

The fire prevention principle of heat insulation composite hollow fire resistant glass: under the condition of fire, the first layer of refractory glass meets the flame and absorbs a lot of heat, the middle of the flame retardant adhesive in the state of high heat, gradually foaming expansion, until the state of carbonization, the formation of a protective layer, the protective layer has low thermal conductivity, and has heat insulation performance. This can prevent the flame from spreading to the back fire surface, reduce the flame heat radiation to the back fire surface, so as to protect the integrity of the objects opposite.

The thermal insulation composite insulating fire resistant glass obtained by grouting has stable performance, and the thermal insulation composite insulating refractory glass has the following characteristics:

1. Good flame retardant: double layer protection, fire resistant glass has a certain time of fire resistance; In addition, fireproof adhesive is non-combustible material, which can well prevent the spread of fire.

2. Good heat insulation: can effectively reduce heat radiation and heat transfer, with good heat insulation, heat preservation, energy saving characteristics.

3. Sound insulation and transparency: composite fire resistant glass thickness is thicker than general glass, glass installation is a tight fire system, good sealing, can weaken the interference of vehicles, aircraft, trains and other noise, at the same time, glass has good transparency.

4. Strong impact resistance: fire resistant glass processing through a number of physical and chemical processes, strength is tempered glass 2-3 times.
The application range of insulating composite insulating glass: widely used in hotels, hotels, large shopping malls, museums, libraries, business centers, office buildings and other high-rise buildings and public places of the firewall, fire doors of different levels, fire channels and other places.

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