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What material is bulletproof glass made of

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Update time : 2022-11-25 11:00:00

Bulletproof glass is actually developed from laminated glass. Usually, laminated glass places a layer of transparent organic film between two pieces of glass. The film is usually PVB and then rolled by high temperature heating. PVB sandwich film has good viscosity, can firmly stick to both sides of the glass, but also has transparency, sound insulation, heat insulation, UV isolation and other properties.

In addition to PVB film as the intermediate layer, SGP, PC film can also be used. SGP film has excellent glass broken safety performance and anti-invasion performance, colorless transparent, not easy to change color, good permeability, yellow index is less than 1.5. PC is a colorless and transparent non-qualitative thermoplastic material. PC is rigid and ductile, with high impact resistance, high dimensional stability and a wide range of operating temperature, good electrical insulation and heat resistance and non-toxicity, with good light transmission capacity, its light transmittance is close to 90%.

Bulletproof glass is actually a derivative of laminated glass. By improving the production process of laminated glass, bullet-proof, explosion-proof and other properties are increased. Bulletproof glass has different bulletproof properties, such as thickness, fabrication process, and interlayer, which can prevent attacks from weapons of different grades.
Simply put, bulletproof glass is usually divided into three layers: load bearing layer, transition layer and protective layer. The first load bearing layer is equivalent to a stormtrooper, which is mainly to block the warhead. The stress of the glass is to deform or destroy the warhead and slow down the speed of the warhead. The stronger the stress of this layer, the better. Generally, high strength tempered glass or plexiglass is used. The second transition layer, regardless of the use of PVB, PC, SGP, can absorb most of the kinetic energy of the warhead, while holding the two layers of glass from falling. The third layer is the protection layer, is the end line of defense, the same as the load bearing layer with high strength toughened glass or plexiglass, high strength, good impact resistance, good shock resistance.

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