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Introduction to wire fire resistant glass

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Update time : 2022-11-25 16:00:00

Wire fire resistant glass is a composite glass. The production method is to add wire and mesh into the interlayer of organic film or inorganic adhesive between two layers of fireproof glass, so as to obtain a glass with fire resistance, fire resistance and integrity. In view of the special practice of wire fireproof glass, so its integrity is better than other fireproof glass, the overall impact strength of fireproof glass has been improved.

The characteristics of wire fire resistant glass:

1. Fire prevention and explosion prevention

Wire fire resistant glass has all the attributes of fireproof glass, fireproof and integrity is good, if more than the fireproof glass fire time, the glass will break, but its own wire or net let the glass stick into a whole, will not fall through the hole, will not fall hurt, can prevent air flow to a certain extent, has a better blocking effect on the spread of fire.

2. Better security

The wire or mesh in the fireproof wire glass prevents debris from flying. Even when the glass is broken by high intensity earthquake, storm and impact, it is difficult for the fragments to fly away, so compared with ordinary glass, the glass fragments will not splash and hurt people, and the safety is better.

3. Anti-theft performance

Wire fire resistant glass even in the case of broken glass, there are still metal wire mesh will be connected to the glass together, so the thief can not easily break in to steal. This anti - theft function of fireproof wire glass is welcomed by people.

4. Poor transmittance
Because the wire clip fire resistant glass contains the screen, the visual effect has a certain interference effect, the transmittance is not particularly good. Second, the glass edge exposed to the air of the wire is easily corroded by oxidation.

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