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Composite fire resistant glass technology

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Update time : 2023-04-13 09:04:49

Fire resistant glass construction process has the following aspects:

Fire resistant glass is made of flat glass bonded with fireproof transparent adhesive, curing and sealing. The composition (W %) of fireproof transparent adhesive is gelling agent 5 ~ 15, methylene diacrylamide 10 ~ 20, initiator 0.1 ~ 1.0, sodium 5 ~ 15, magnesium 10 ~ 20, potassium aluminum sulfate 5 ~ 15, water 40 ~ 50. Glass bonding wash the cut plate glass with water and dishwashing detergent and dry it, coat the inside and outside with coupling agent, and then use the plate glass with a width of 10 ~ 15mm as the edge sealing according to the required thickness. The glass glue will stick the two pieces of glass firmly, leaving a grout hole for 1 ~ 2 days grout. Slurry is the first sodium, magnesium and aluminum potassium sulfate dissolved in water, and then separated to add gelling agent, methylene diacrylamide and initiator full mix. Then fill into the glued plate glass, natural curing, close the grout hole is the product.

The gelling agent of fire resistant glass can be any of acrylamide or polyvinyl alcohol. It can also be either ammonium persulfate or sodium metabisulfite.

The coupling agent composition (W %) was ethanol 80 ~ 90, acrylamide 2 ~ 10, silicon coupling agent 2 ~ 6. Glass glue for the market sales of glass glue, can also use other types of glue. Sodium, magnesium and aluminum potassium sulfate are mixed flame retardants, they can also choose potassium, calcium compounds and bromide of these metallic elements and aluminum sulfate.

Fire resistant glass mixed flame retardant can also choose sodium phosphate, ammonium dihydrogen phosphate, urea, sugar or sodium, potassium, lithium silicate and other water-soluble inorganic salts.
Mixed flame retardant can make the colloid when heated foaming expansion, constitute a strong fire insulation body, not only played a fire effect, but also improve the refractory period. Therefore, the gel with good transparency can replace the water glass used in fire resistant glass, improve the physical and chemical function of fireproof glass, and overcome the disadvantages of using water glass to produce fireproof glass.

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