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What is the difference between grout fire resistant glass and composite fire resistant glass

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Update time : 2023-04-11 09:24:30

Composite fire resistant glass manufacturers said that although grouting fire resistant glass and composite fireproof glass have fire protection function, but the two are not the same, the difference is mainly the following points:

The two processing technology is different: composite fire resistant glass can be processed types: wet method (dry method) heat insulation composite fireproof glass, single (double layer) fire proof silicon heat insulation composite fireproof glass. The key lies in the fireproof glue and fireproof silicon sandwiched between the glass, which play an important role in the fire protection function of the glass. The high temperature and high pressure pressing technology is used in the processing process, so that the glass and the film are combined as a whole. Grouting fire resistant glass using a single piece of fireproof glass as a substrate, fireproof liquid after natural physical dry, if not master the perfusion technology, easy to appear bubbles.

The working principle is different: grouting fire resistant glass working principle: the glass breaks, the fireproof liquid expands rapidly after heat, the formation of white fireproof sealing, can achieve the effect of fire insulation for 1 hour. Working principle of composite fire resistant glass: The excellent combination of fireproof glass and fireproof film (fireproof silicon), can achieve 60 minutes, 90 minutes of glass overall cracking. When the temperature of the back fire surface rises to about 65℃, it can isolate the heat of the fire facing surface to a certain extent, protect personnel and financial safety, and strive for more rescue time.
Different weather resistance: grout fire resistant glass can not be used for long-term outdoor exposure due to the material used, fireproof liquid in the case of high temperature UV foaming, yellowing and other phenomena, affecting the appearance. Other types of composite fire glass will not appear such a situation, suitable for various places in the building.

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