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The difference between heat bending glass and curved steel glass

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Update time : 2022-12-01 14:00:00

With the development of market demand and technology, there are more and more types of glass. Glass can be classified according to different characteristics, such as functional and non-functional. Both heat bending glass and steel-bent glass are functional glass. They are similar in appearance, but the two kinds of glass are completely different.

1. Different processing methods.

Heat bending glass is processed by hot bending furnace. At present, most glass processing manufacturers use electric heating hot bending furnace. The temperature control of this kind of hot bending furnace is convenient, easy to operate, and does not pollute the glass. The hot bending furnace can only process one piece of glass at a time.

Bending tempered glass is processed to the softening point by special molds and equipment, and cooled rapidly and evenly by cold air. The surface of tempered glass forms uniform compressive stress, while the internal tensile stress is formed, which effectively improves the bending and impact resistance of glass, and the strength reaches 4 times that of ordinary glass. When it is broken, it is split into uniform, no split mouth is not easy to hurt small particles, belonging to the safety glass.

2. Different application scopes.

The diversity of heat bending glass, rich modeling, widely used in all walks of life. Compared with only curved curved steel glass, it is more widely used.

3. Diversity.

Heat bending glass products of various styles; Bending steel glass single style, only suitable for the radius of more than 1500mm bending arc.

4. Different reprocessing capacity.
Heat bending glass products can be cut, opening and other processing; Bending steel glass without secondary processing capacity.

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