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Dimming glass family of electrochromic smart glass

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Update time : 2022-11-16 16:00:00

Ordinary LOW-E glass and heat-reflecting glass can only achieve its own inherent effect after installation, and will not change according to the change of seasons. As science moves on, modern glass makers have developed a glass that can both shade from the sun and enjoy dimming: smart glass.

Smart glass has developed into a variety of modern working methods, and the next will introduce the electrochromic smart glass in the dimming glass family. Electrochromic smart glass is one of the most widely used glasses.

Working principle of electrochromic smart glass: Control the color of the glass through the size of the current. Generally speaking, the regulation of glass is like adjusting the temperature and operation mode of air conditioning, according to the seasonal change, adjust the color of glass, and then achieve the role of regulating the glass transmittance.

The electrochromic smart glass is controlled by the electrochromic layer, the ion conductor provides the ion transmission channel between the electrochromic layers, the ion storage layer plays the function of storing ions and balancing charge, and can also become the ion implantation electrode. When a positive DC voltage is applied to the conductive layer, the ions of the ion storage layer are then drawn out into the electrochromic layer, which then causes the chromic layer to change color. Conversely, when a reverse voltage is applied, the ions in the electrochromic layer are drawn back to the original storage layer, and the whole glass is restored to a transparent state.
Imagine, the electrochromic smart glass installed in the window or glass partition, and then equipped with temperature sensor and controller, you can adjust the window color of the smart window with outdoor temperature and outdoor heat at any time. Although the Windows are rarely used on the market, they may be used in buildings in the future when they are mass-produced.

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