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The difference between insulating fire resistant glass and composite fire resistant glass

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Update time : 2022-11-16 11:00:00

Insulating fire resistant glass and composite fireproof glass are made of two or more layers of fireproof glass. The inside of the insulating fireproof glass is filled with dry gas, and the frame is filled with desiccant. Composite fireproof glass is filled with high transparent fireproof liquid to achieve the effect of fire prevention.

Although the hollow and composite fire glass looks little different, but the two are very different in use.

1. There are differences in weather resistance.

The desiccant filled inside the insulating fire resistant glass will not change physically or chemically under long-term solar irradiation, so that the glass can keep clean and bright for a long time. Composite fireproof glass is filled with fireproof liquid inside. This liquid is easy to have physical reactions under the solar radiation, which will produce bubbles and yellowed over time, affecting the beauty of the glass.

2. Fire resistance time is different

Hollow fire resistant glass can be stacked with multiple monolithic fireproof glass, so the fire resistance is also better. Under the impact of high intensity flame, it can keep 90~180 minutes without cracking. Composite fire resistant glass under normal circumstances, fire resistance up to 90 minutes, adjust the thickness to achieve different fire time.

3. Different heat insulation

Both sides of insulating fire resistant glass are made of single piece of fireproof glass or other glass, which does not have insulation integrity. And composite fireproof glass in the face of open fire, fire surface glass cracking, fireproof liquid and high temperature immediately expanded to form a white firewall, can effectively isolate the flame combustion brought by the heat transfer to the back fire surface, to prevent the back fire surface personnel or items by high temperature and high radiation damage.

4. Radiation protection function is different

The dry gas filled in the middle of the insulating fire resistant glass is a medium that does not reflect the radiation. The fireproof fluid of composite fireproof glass forms a firewall when heated, which can resist the spread of high temperature radiation and poison gas of flame.

5. The use of different positions
Insulating fire resistant glass is suitable for office buildings, hospitals, fireproof glass partition, fireproof door, fireproof window, etc. Composite fireproof glass is suitable for shopping malls, computer rooms, archives and other indoor fireproof glass Windows, fire barriers, fire doors, etc.

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