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The characteristic application of intelligent electric control dimming glass

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Update time : 2022-11-04 14:00:00

Electrically controlled dimming glass as the name suggests, through the power supply to achieve the effect of the glass control. Dimming refers to the regulation of glass transparency, the glass inside the PDLC liquid crystal dimming film, in the case of contact current, polymer materials in the film orderly arrangement, light can penetrate the glass, so transparent state; In the case of power failure, the polymer material in the film disordered arrangement, the line of sight can not see through the glass, to achieve the secret effect.

Electronically controlled dimming glass can bring magical visual effects through simple control, so the phenomenon of cross-field and cross-industry applications, the following examples of several characteristic applications:

1. Office, conference room application.

Electronically controlled dimming glass can be used everywhere in the office. For office buildings, the front desk design on behalf of the company image, in order to enhance the sense of technology of the company mostly use automatic access control system, with the application of dimming glass, high-tech companies are willing to use dimming glass to replace ordinary glass, tall needless to say, after work can also be set to frosted state, protect company secrets. Then the office internal partition: president's office, conference room, partition between departments can use electric dimming glass arbitrarily switch.

2. Sunshine room application.

It goes without saying that the tall and technological sense of electric dimming glass is a good news for home decoration designers. Dimming glass is used for villa sun room partition, skylight, shower room partition and so on. Technology and fashion can be combined into one to create a more novel and controllable space, which will naturally get more recognition from consumers.

3. Application of exhibition hall.

Hi-tech products exhibition hall, showrooms, home decoration exhibition hall, etc., the main highlight is the theme of the novel science and technology, in correspondence with the dimming glass just exhibition hall overall design feeling, especially in car showrooms are built are generally not used for a long time, the light inside the glass clamp, a 2 mm layer of liquid crystal light membrane can block most ultraviolet ray, protect the colour and lustre of the exhibits, and long service life. In addition, for the protection of furniture can play a role.

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