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Factors related to heat bending glass processing

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Update time : 2022-11-23 16:00:00

Heat bending glass can be said to be a variety of glass, as long as the corresponding mold can be made, the mass production of the same shape of glass. In the processing of hot-bending glass, the mold of corresponding radian is made first, and then the glass is heated to soften, and the glass is accurately poured into the mold. After cooling, the new shape of the glass is completed. After the completion of the glass to carry out a variety of performance tests, to meet the standard and then mass production.

So hot curved glass can be processed so many shapes, what is the large arc that can be processed?

One of the advantages of hot curved glass is that it can usually be machined from 0 degrees to 360 degrees. Heat bending glass in the process of processing modeling, easy to appear the problem of dark and light color difference, to solve this problem should be the correct choice of hot bending ink, when using ink should pay attention to:

1. Heat bending glass sintering molding temperature between 580~650℃, the selection of ink to adapt to the sintering temperature, and is suitable for hot bending glass.

2. In the process of screen printing, it is easy to print the ink to the glass sticky surface, and the heat bending glass ink color will be red as a whole after forming. In order to avoid this defect, you only need to identify the sticky and non-sticky tin surface of the glass when screen printing, and evenly print the ink to the sticky tin surface.
The processing of hot curved glass needs to pay attention to the ink and radian, and the temperature control is also very important. The temperature setting is too high or too low, and the molding time is too short or too long. It is impossible to process beautiful hot curved glass. Different hot-bending glass, thickness, radius of curvature, size and other parameters will be different, at this time it is necessary to tailor, set the forming temperature and forming time of composite different hot-bending glass.

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