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Features of the heat bending glass of the sightseeing elevator

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Update time : 2022-11-11 14:00:00

With the development of urbanization, the population is gradually concentrated in cities, and the large and small high-rise buildings row upon row. Elevators are the standard facilities of high-rise buildings. With the development of tourism, more and more sightseeing elevators are used. In residential, office or tourist areas using curved glass elevator design has been common. The sightseeing elevator is designed with flat or curved glass. Of course, curved glass is more artistic. In order to ensure the safety of the elevator, curved laminated heat bending glass is usually used. Arc laminated heat bending glass is made of two or more layers of hot bending glass, and then PVB film is sandwiczed in the middle, the use of hot press to combine the glass with the film to discharge the air, and then the use of high temperature and high pressure autoclave will be the remaining air into the film.

Arc elevator is a sense of design, in order to meet the requirements of designers, currently can customize different colors of glass, the key to the difference of color is the PVB film sandwich-middle, color choice: transparent, milky white, blue, dot or according to the customer's specified color.

The advantage of arc-shaped laminated heat bending glass is that it can maintain the shape of the glass itself even if heavy objects hit it. The film will stick the glass as a whole, and it will not break or the glass fragments will not fall, which effectively prevents the occurrence of injuries, pricks or falls by the glass.

The curved heat bending glass elevator is used for residential areas, office buildings or scenic spots. It can be combined with the building to reflect the design art of beautiful lines and waves. The PVB film of different colors is adopted. Laminated heat bending glass is a real sense of safety glass, through the inspection of professional organizations, applied to the overall safety of the elevator has been verified by many practices.

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