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The production and characteristics of tinted glass

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Update time : 2022-11-11 10:00:00

The use of tinted glass gives a deep impression on the western buildings, such as church dome, library roof, museum light dome and so on. Colored glass is used to add architectural color, creating a more mysterious, solemn, dazzling effect. Colored glass is a kind of art glass with colored colorants, also known as endothermic glass.

The different colors of tinted glass can be achieved mainly by adding different colorants. The depth of color can control the amount of coloring dose, between refining and dissolution temperature. The colored glass is made of high quality float glass as raw material, which is melted in a professional melting furnace. When the required coloring agent is added at a certain temperature, it is cooled and processed in a mold.

Features of tinted glass:

1. Better shading effect than ordinary glass

Tinted glass can be made into a single piece of glass, or can be multi-colored added to a glass surface. Ordinary 6mm float glass can pass through more than 80% of the solar radiation heat, the color of tinted glass can block a certain amount of solar heat, solar radiation heat wisdom through about 60%, the specific penetration of heat according to the color and thickness of the glass is determined.

2. Some transparency

Different glass has a certain degree of transparency. For tinted glass, the transparency is weaker than that of ordinary transparent glass. For church, museum, hotel lobby and other architectural decoration, colored glass can meet the artistic sense and mystery required by the building.

3. Anti-glare effect

Block too eye, anti vertigo effect.

Tinted glass is distributed in all aspects of our life, interior decoration, car glass, sunglasses, lamp shades and so on. Colored glass shading, shading, gorgeous color for the public love.

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