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Fire resistant glass edging process

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Update time : 2022-11-10 10:00:00

Steps and methods of fire resistant glass edging:

1. The staff wear gloves, rubber and other protective equipment before the edging process, and wear safety helmets when grinding large pieces of glass;

2. Be familiar with the production task list before processing, check the size of semi-finished fire resistant glass, avoid the continuation of the mistakes caused by the previous process, and check the appearance quality of glass, whether there are scratches or scales and missing corners that cannot be eliminated by grinding. If the fire glass has a large crack to the safety of equipment or personnel harm, should be excluded from grinding.

3. When taking fire resistant glass should be taken from outside to inside, take and put in order, not arbitrarily take the glass;

4. Super white fire resistant glass belongs to high quality fireproof glass, which has higher requirements for appearance quality. The inspection requirements should be equal to the appearance quality requirements of automobile grade glass original pieces;

6. Before and after the edging machine is used every day, the operator should routinely check whether the grinding wheel is loose, the degree of wear, and whether the circulating water is clean. If it is not clean, the water should be changed in time, and the circulating pipe should be kept unblocked;

7. Different fire resistant glass grinding, need to test grinding operation, to ensure the smooth follow-up work. In the large plate glass grinding, the layout is more than 3m², must use the hook and suction cup, need more than one person to lift the glass edge grinding machine, the pace should be stable;

8. If the grinding wheel needs to be replaced, the products can be processed after the grinding wheel is cut; The grinding force is uniform, not excessive force;

9. When the single piece of fire resistant glass edge grinding is completed, check the appearance size and quality of the processed glass, and abandon unqualified products;

10. Processing of hetero-edging products, must be according to customer requirements, in strict accordance with the sample or drawing processing, to meet customer requirements of smooth surface;

11. After fire resistant glass edge grinding is completed, isolation paper can be added at the handover of the glass edge to the edge to avoid the glass being damaged in the process of stacking.

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