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Realization method of new insulating fire resistant glass technology

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Update time : 2022-11-09 14:00:00

Fire resistant glass can be used for windows and doors with lighting function, outdoor glass curtain walls of buildings, indoor fireproof windows, fireproof glass partition, etc., which is used in the field of building decoration is a wide range of fireproof products, the main role is to control the spread of sudden fire and smoke spread. According to the demand of market development, fire resistant glass has appeared compound, single piece, wire clip, hollow fireproof glass and other types, among which hollow fireproof glass is widely used.

Ordinary insulating fire resistant glass is exposed to solar radiation for a long time in the actual use process, which will produce many problems: the longer the use time of sound insulation effect, the worse the effect; The gap between the glass is easy to be affected by thermal expansion and cold contraction, resulting in the cracking and falling of the adhesive. Glass deformation; Unable to meet fire and sound insulation at the same time. According to the current situation, the production of new insulating fire resistant glass has become a trend. Its structure is simple, and it has the functions of fire prevention, heat insulation and sound insulation. Its production method is:

The main material is hollow glass substrate and fire resistant glass substrate, and the two are made of composite by bonding layer. The two ends of the hollow glass substrate are provided with grooves on one side of the fireproof glass substrate which is closely connected with the fire resistant glass substrate. The corresponding part of the fire glass substrate is provided with a boss, and the boss can be arranged in the middle part of the clip. A closed cavity is arranged in the groove and is filled with inert gas.

The characteristics of the new insulating fire resistant glass:

1. The function of closing the cavity and setting the concave and convex groove is to prevent thermal expansion and cold contraction, to prevent the glass from falling off the adhesive and glass deformation;

2. The glass substrate is filled with nitrogen, desiccant and other operation purpose is to improve the overall heat insulation and sound insulation effect of the glass.

3. The three-layer structure of insulating glass has large thickness and stable structure, which improves the fire performance of the glass as a whole.

4. The structure is simple, and the service life is extended a lot with ordinary hollow fire glass.

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