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Method for measuring bending dimensions of heat bending glass

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Update time : 2022-11-10 14:00:00

Heat bending glass can be processed into curved hot curved glass, such as arch corridor for architectural decoration, glass wash basin, etc. Spherical thermal bending, such as the construction of a spherical glass building as a leisure place (farmhouse); Bending heat bending glass, can be used for aquarium common aquarium glass, shopping mall counter glass, etc. The processing of each kind of hot-bending glass requires relevant skills to be realized. The processing of appropriate glass not only requires accurate tool technology such as mold and hot-bending furnace, but also requires careful and accurate measurement of glass size.

Heat bending glass basically has bending degree, the effective measurement of bending degree is an effective way to solve the accuracy of hot bending glass. After the development of technical workers, the modern use of glass bending tester for measurement.

The method of glass bending tester is: first use a straightened fine steel wire as a reference, and then use a guide rail as a benchmark, the guide rail requires precision collimation, the guide rail can be installed in a straight line moving dial indicator, used to test the distance between the glass sample and the steel wire, the bending of the glass sample can be calculated. The appearance of glass bending measurement tool greatly reduces the scrap rate of glass, reduces the production cost of manufacturers, but also provides customers with better services and products.

Heat bending glass is a kind of more complex glass, ordinary manufacturers in the processing of hot bending glass is often 150mm away from the linear side of the curve edge, can not be a good fit, beyond the standard, resulting in installation difficulties; Or in the straight edge bending, corner of the mold mark and other defects.

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