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The manufacturing method and the use place of the fire resistant glass perfusion

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Update time : 2022-11-24 10:00:00

Fire resistant glass is a small class of glass, but it is essential in building construction. From the perspective of structure, fireproof glass is divided into composite fireproof glass and monolithic fireproof glass two types. According to the needs of market development, composite fireproof glass derived from two types: perfusion fireproof glass, composite fireproof glass.

Poured fire resistant glass

Production method: Two or more pieces of glass are used, the middle is filled with fireproof glue, and the four sides are sealed with a rubber strip with flame retardant performance. After curing, the fire resistant glass is obtained by transparent glue and glass.

Fire prevention principle: glass meets high temperature, the middle of the fire transparent adhesive layer will rapidly foam, expansion, spread, the formation of an opaque fire insulation board. Heat insulation board can not only prevent the spread of flame, but also prevent the high temperature of the fire facing surface from conduction to the back fire surface, to protect the back fire surface items and personnel.

Application: This kind of fire resistant glass can be processed into arc, widely applicable, can be used in fireproof glass doors, fireproof Windows, building atrium, large shared space, computer room fire partition wall, building patio and so on.

Composite fire glass

Production method: This kind of fire resistant glass is made of two or more layers of glass and one or more layers of water-soluble inorganic fireproof adhesive.

Fire prevention principle: when the glass meets the fire, the fire face of the glass quickly burst, fire retardant sandwich hot foam expansion to about ten times the original, in front of the back fire profile milky bubbly fireproof glue board, hard texture, efficient block the flame, high temperature and combustion of harmful gases.

Use place: compound fire glass can be drilled, changed ruler, grinding edge and other operations. It is widely used in fire resistant glass doors, fireproof Windows, fireproof glass partitions and fireproof glass walls of building rooms, passageways and corridors. If the external window or curtain wall is used, the combination of fireproof glass and PVB laminated glass can be considered.

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