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Technology for dealing with the rust problem of wire dimming glass

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Update time : 2022-11-10 11:00:00

The invention of filleted dimming glass was based on the filleted glass that preceded its use. The use of wire glass has a history of 70 years, because the glass in the production of silk, mesh and other items, so it has fire prevention, theft prevention and smashing functions. After the invention and application of dimming glass, glass technicians developed the glass with wire dimming, which integrated the excellent characteristics of dimming glass and wire glass.

Wire dimming glass is a kind of innovation of dimming glass technology. After improving the production technology, we use independent production equipment, and the production technology is at the forefront of glass technology.

Wire dimming glass surface can be customized to embossed or unembossed, embossed pattern can choose diamond mesh, grid two types. The use of wire dimming glass will still have rust problems, because the glass in the cutting, the surface will appear uneven condition; In the process of glass grinding, it is easy to appear such phenomena as edge collapse and cracking. After grinding, it is necessary to clean the glass, and then dry it (the temperature is controlled at 60℃~75℃), which is a necessary process for anti-rust treatment. When the glass needs to be sealed after drying, choose a place with higher cleanliness, place the filleted dimming glass on the table, and evenly apply the good adhesive on the section of each silk line with a brush to ensure that each silk line is coated with full and uniform, the purpose is to prevent the air from penetrating into the inside of the glass and prevent the production of rust.

Wire dimming glass is a kind of safety glass, although the use of rust prevention method, but long-term use will still rust products, because of this has brought negative effects, so that its annual output gradually decreased, but it has not quit the stage of history, technicians continue to improve the appearance quality and performance quality of wire dimming glass products through rust prevention tests.

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