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Precautions for installation of art glass

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Update time : 2022-11-02 10:00:00

The paint and protective coating of art glass are sensitive to damage and corrosion. So art glass in the use of the environment, pay attention to the installation specifications:

1. The base or other surface used for installing the product shall be smooth, clean, dry, free of moisture, acid, alkali and any other corrosive materials. For example: the wall of the new building is easy to extravasate alkali, it is not appropriate to install art glass directly on this wall, this kind of exudate will corrode the product over a long period of time.

2. Air convection is required between the art glass and the wall or other installation surfaces. An air gap of at least 5mm is required for products no more than 1 meter in height to ensure good ventilation. When more than one piece of product (assembly product) is mounted on the same surface, a gap between the joint edges is required. For easy installation, an appropriate plug block of about 1mm can be inserted when fixed.

3. The fixed materials used shall not be corrosive (should be neutral materials), the use of acid glue is strictly prohibited, and the adhesive used in the installation and fixing, double-sided tape and other vertical use. Avoid water corrosion, thus destroying the quality of products.

4. If the art glass is inserted in the profile or installed in the frame, due to the accumulation of moisture and chemical cleaners in the profile, may cause paint corrosion; To avoid this, the product should be placed on a special stand inside the profile.

5. Use lighting (lighting) to strengthen the artistic effect of art glass, it is necessary to avoid overheating products, in order to protect the paint surface is not bad or the glass is not broken.

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