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The choice of glass curtain wall is suggested

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Update time : 2023-01-04 18:00:00

Different structure of the glass curtain wall, the type of glass used is also different.

1. Frame bearing glass curtain wall, safety glass should be used

Frame bearing glass curtain wall includes two forms of open frame and hidden frame, which are widely used in glass curtain wall engineering at present. This regulation is for the safety of curtain wall glass in installation and use.

Oblique glass curtain wall refers to the curtain wall whose intersection Angle is less than 90 degrees and more than 75 degrees with the horizontal plane. The particles after the glass is broken will also affect the safety. Laminated glass is not flying glass, can play a protective role on the flow of people, should be preferred.

2. The panel glass that supports the glass curtain wall should be tempered glass

Point supporting glass curtain wall panel glass should be toughened glass and its products, otherwise the strength will not meet the requirements because of the stress concentration at the drilling site.

3. Point-supported glass curtain walls supported by glass ribs should be tempered laminated glass ribs

The point supported glass curtain wall with glass ribbed supports belongs to the supporting structure, the stress concentration at the hole is obvious, and the strength requirement is high. On the other hand, if the glass ribs are broken, the whole curtain wall will collapse. Therefore, tempered laminated glass should be used.

4. Other public places

Obvious warning signs should be set up in public places with high turnover density, activities of teenagers or children, and places vulnerable to impact in use. The density of personnel flow is high, and the glass curtain wall of the public place where teenagers or children are active is easy to be squeezed and hit; In other buildings, the curtain wall parts that may be hit by normal activities are also easy to cause glass damage. In order to ensure the safety of personnel, the glass curtain wall in these cases should be made of safety glass. For the glass curtain wall which is vulnerable to impact, obvious warning signs should also be set up to avoid harm caused by accidental impact.
5. When there is no solid wall on the outer edge of the floor adjacent to the glass curtain wall, anti-collision facilities should be set up.

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